Quality_Ichi-ban Boshi

What is the quality of Ichi-ban Boshi?

From selecting each quality ingredient to painstaking
preparation, we aim to do all the little things right
so that the end result is a delicious authentic flavour
explosion sure to please the most ardent of critics.
The Secret

Long ago, ramen connoisseurs in Japan realised that fresh noodles tasted best. Nowadays, ramen shops in cities like Tokyo acquire noodles from master noodle-makers taking every precaution to ensure the noodles are kept at a certain temperature until they are served. Ichi-ban boshi's noodles are made fresh right here in our stores so that you can enjoy the best tasting quality ramen, soba and yakisoba anywhere. Fresh is best!

The Secret
Quality Contral

We use only the best Australian wheat flour, purified water and most importantly - nothing artificial. The freshness and purity of the noodles bring out the true flavours of the soup. Our master noodle-makers regularly taste the raw noodles utilising years of experience to make sure it is of the highest standard.

The Secret
Ptience, Care and Love

Years of experience, tradition and hard work havr helped us garner the perfect balance of noodle thickness, texture, colour and flavour.Our master noodle-makers love what they do, and are the best in Australia. The secret: passion, patience, care and love of noodles.

The Secret
A Dente

Depending on the season, humidity and air temperature, we alter the ratio of water and flour to ensure that you get your noodles al dente, because thats the way noodles should be eaten. Why do the Japanese slurp their noodles? Because they want to eat the noodles quickly, while still al dente.

The Secret