Do you like the Katsu-don?

In general, Katsu-don (pork cutlet on rice) is a dish in which pork fried at high temperatures is placed on the rice in addition of the soy sauce gravy and garnished with an egg, but in Japan’s city of Niigata,apart from the usual katsu-don, there is a local version of the dish.

It is the rice bowl called the “Katsu-don with sauce” which is not garnished with an egg.

The “Katsu-don with sauce” is a simple rice bowl dish with soy sauce gravy and high-temperature deep-fried pork on rice. At Ichibanboshi, we offer the tonkatsu-don which is close to the “Katsu-don with sauce” which is considered the soul food of the city of Niigata.

The Tonkatsu-don too does not have the egg garnish and it is simply the pork cutlet and cabbage on rice. It is a pure masterpiece with Japan’s favourite sauce on top. Please try and compare it with the regular Katsu-don!

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