Yakisoba (fried buckwheat noodles) is a classic dish at Japanese food stalls.

Medium thick Chinese noodles, pork and vegetables are fried at once at high temperatures on an iron plate and seasoned with Japanese-style sauce, so that sweet aroma fills up the surroundings.

If fragrant green laver along with red pickled ginger for accents and everyone’s favorite mayonnaise are added as finishing touches, the yakisoba with sauce will be completed, which is a typical dish for a Japanese summer.
Actually, at Ichibanboshi homemade noodles are used for yakisoba.

Shops that use homemade noodles for yakisoba are unusual, and here you can enjoy the texture and flavor of the noodles which other shops are not able to offer.

You definitely will be able to feel the Japanese summer when you stuff your cheeks with yakisoba and have some beer with it!

Please make sure to try it once!

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