Shoyu Ramen

The classic soy-based noodle soup with thinly-sliced roast pork

Miso Ramen

Miso-based cloudy noodle soup with shinly-sliced roasted pork

Shio Ramen

Flavour-rich salt-based soup with thinly-sliced roast pork

Hot Ramen

Fiery chilli soup with sliced roast pork for those who like it hot

Chicken Tantan men

Spicy ramen topped with Kara-age chicken, egg & choysum vegetables

Chashu men

Ramen topped generously with Japanese-style roast pork

Tokyo Ramen

The most popular style of ramen, complete with roast pork and egg in a soy-flavoured soup

Tofu Ramen

Delicate tofu and fresh vegetables in a miso-based noodle soup

Vegetable Ramen

Our vegetarian noodle soup with the option of rice noodles or glassy vermicell noodles

Wonton Ramen

Exquisite prawn wontons, crunchy choysum and a chilli sauce atop our special ramen

Shio Butter Corn Ramen

Ship ramen with lashing of butter, juicy corn and roast pork

Kimchi Ramen

Ship ramen with roast pork, vegetables and korean spicy pickled vegetables (Kimchi)

Kara-age Ramen

Soy-flavoured noodle soup with succulent deep fried chicken

Sukiyaki Beef (Soba/Udon)

Soba or Udon noodle in soup topped sukiyaki beef and tofu

Tempura (Soba/Udon)

Tempura prawn atop a piping hot soup with Soba or Udon noodles

Tanuki (Soba/Udon)

Hot Soba or Udon noodles in soup with a scattering of tasty fried batter crumble

Curry Udon

Curry Udon with lots of spices, with shallot and beef

Hiyashi Chuka [Available only during summer]

Refreshing chilled ramen doodles with nourishing ham, egg and cucumber

Curry Udon

Curry-based udon with succulent Kara-age chicken and fish cake (Naruto)

Rice Bowls

Katsu Curry

Japanese-style Curry topped with crispy chicken cutlet on rice


Bowl of rice topped with hearty thin-sliced beef, dressed in a light soy


Bowl of rice topped with succulent deep-fried chicken


Bowl of rice topped with exquisite salmon sashimi and a cucumber, seaweed and ginger garnish with a miso soup

Chicken Katsu-ju

Lightly breaded deep-Fried chicken fillet, compliment with egg and served on rice with a miso soup

Chicken Sauce Katsu-don

Bowl of rice topped with deep-fried chicken cutlet, drizzled with sauce and served with a miso soup

Spicy Sauce Katsu-don

Deep-fried chicken cutlet with special spicy sauce on a bed of crispy cabbage and rice with a miso soup

Mabo Tofu Curry

Tofu and minced pork cooked in Japanese Sansho pepper and Asian spices, served with rice


Kara-age set

Succulent deep-fried chicken with rice and all sides

Yakniku Set

Grilled wagyu beef and Koreans spicy pickled vegetables (Kimchi) with a miso soup

Chicken Katsu Set

Deep-fried chicken cutlet with and all sides

Tonjiru Set

Deep fried chicken cutlet on bowl of rice with Japanese Minestrone

Side dishes

Miso soup