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11:00-21:00 (everyday)

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Ichibanboshi Ramen. Loved by Sydneysiders for over 20 years, complete with our housemade noodles, soup and ingredients.

In multicultural Sydney, our ramen caters to all palates with our wide range of soups and flavours. We match those soups with our various types of noodles too, so you’ll never get sick of our ramen.

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Boiled, chilled or fried; our house made noodles cover all the bases

Starting over 20 years ago, our house made noodles are made by hand every day.

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Safe ingredients and hand wrapped: our famous fried gyoza

Ichibanboshi has consistently been hand wrapping each gyoza one by one since we started.

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House made stock, sauce and carefully selected ingredients

Donburi rice bowl: really hits the spot with it’s size and homely flavour.

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Accented with ramen soup: The ramen shop curry rice

The soup in our house made curry rice is actually our ramen soup, giving you flavour and boldness like no other.

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The a la carte menu, also great to enjoy with an alcoholic beverage.



Beef Tataki

Kara-age Chicken

Agedashi Tofu

Tempura Salmon Roll

Prawn & Pork Wontan



Yakitori Special Feature

“Yakitori” is a popular Japanese dish that goes well with beer and a typical snack that is loved by children and adults. Yakitori, savory and juicy, has bite-sized chicken on…

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Tonkatsu special feature

Western food is the unique evolution of Western food into a Japanese style. Among them, a typical dish is Tonkatsu. Tonkatsu is a culinary dish made by cutting thick pork…

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Experience a Japanese summer right at our Bondi Junction shop!

What is “Umi no Ie” (or Houses of the Sea)? “Umi no Ie” are stores which open only during the sea-bathing season. These stores are filled with elements to make…

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How to Enjoy the Izakaya Style

In Japan, Izakaya-style bars can be found everywhere, from business areas to rural towns, and are frequented by office workers, students, and even families. There is a typical flow of…

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Enjoy Sydney city shop in izakaya style

What is izakaya? Izakaya is a Japanese style tavern that offers alcoholic beverages and cuisine that matches it. In Japan, there are so many izakaya from small family owned izakaya…

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Special edition on the “tantanmen” (Chinese noodles with spicy sauce).

Born in Sichuan Province! What is “Tantanmen”? “Tantanmen” is a noodle dish born in Sichuan Province of China which combines spicy minced beef and sliced Sichuan pickes and has a…

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